• Alfacs Bay, Spain

  • Bantry Bay, Ireland

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  • Galway Bay, Ireland

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  • Vassilikos Bay, Cyprus

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  • Skagerrak, Norway

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Call: FP7-OCEAN-2013
Project Duration: 48 months
Project Start Date: 1st of February 2014
Project End Date: 28th of February 2018
Project Coordinator: CyRIC Cyprus Research and Innovation Center LTD

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Our Consortium comprises 13 partners from 6 different EU countries

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Our approach includes:
a) a sensing and analysis box
b) a modular communication system
c) a flexible power system
d) a software platform with a web services environment
e) a cell phone application

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MARIABOX will be evaluated in four marine locations:
Alfacs Bay (Spain)
Galway Bay and Bantry Bay (Ireland)
Vassilikos Bay (Cyprus)
Oslofjord and Skagerrak (Norway)

  • MariaBox will develop a wireless marine environment analysis device for monitoring chemical and biological pollutants while installed into a buoy, a maritime means of transport or a mooring. The device, based on novel biosensors, will be of high-sensitivity, portable and capable of repeating measurements over a long time, allowing permanent deployment at sea. The word “MARIA” is the plural of the Latin “mar” (sea) and expresses the wide applicability that this system offers in multiple locations where low-cost and real-time in situ analytical monitoring devices are required.
  • An advanced bio-sensing approach based on the use of nanostructured silver nanoparticles will be developed in the frame of MARIABOX. Biosensors will be developed for 5 man-made chemicals and for 4 categories of micro-algae toxins relevant to shell fish and fish farming. The novel MARIABOX biosensors will contribute to new standards for environmental analysis