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Mobile application 5 K46 Prototype M30

Demonstration of the MariaBox system






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D10.4 MariaBox Workshops Organisation 10 K46 Report


Executive summary

D5.2 This document is an output of Task 5.4 “MariaBox-MOB Mobile Application Suite Development”, part of WP5.  One of the aims of WP5 is to develop the Mobile Application (MariaBox-MOB) to function as an interface to the MariaBox device, in order to be able program or control it when the operator is in proximity of the device.  In particular, the usefulness of the application grows significantly in case of failure of the communication link between the MariaBox Communication module and the MariaBox-NET online platform. In this particular case, the MariaBox system will be accessible only through the mobile application.  The first part of the document (Chapter 2) deals with the description of the operating system on which the application is based. In the next chapter (Chapter 3), we present information regarding the connection between the MariaBox-MOB application and the MariaBox main box (and its communication module in particular), along with the related communication protocols. Finally (Chapter 4), follows a detailed presentation of the features of the application, including screenshots of all the menus.
D9.1 NIVA, DFMR, CSIC and SMI will be responsible for the pilot studies.  The scientific and technical partners will provide technical assistance during pilot implementation and take care of the scientific assessment phase.  MariaBox will be tested in the following locations:

D10.3 The Dissemination and Exploitation WP focuses on the development and implementation of the activities to inform and raise interest in the different kind of users. This document includes the definition and management of the MariaBox Project’s presence in the Internet, namely through a project’s dedicated website but at the same time providing dissemination and public visibility by the participation in the most popular social media platform (Facebook and Twitter).
D10.4 This document is dedicated to the preparation, organisation, management and coordination of MariaBox 4 workshops to disseminate and present the Project’s results to the MariaBox Consortium partners, the end-users community and other important stakeholders. Part of this task is the coordination and the collaboration between all the ongoing Ocean of Tomorrow Projects. This activity consists in periodical contacts with the other Projects representatives for discussion of progresses on specific technical topics of common interests, such as common standards, sensors protocols, and biofouling; and also consists in the organisation of at least one workshop per year involving all the projects.