Bantry and Galway Bay

The proposed Irish use case of the MariaBox Platform will be based around installing the MariaBox platform on one of SmartBay Irelands mobile buoys.

Two possible Bays have been selected for the pilot location: the Galway Bay and the Bantry Bay.

Both sites present the necessary characteristics for the MariaBox installation and have their own particularities.

The focus of the test will be on algal pollutants/biomass detection.

Bantry Bay is a bay located in County Cork, Ireland. The bay runs approximately 35 km from northeast to southwest into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is approximately 3-to-4 km wide at the head and 10 km wide at the entrance.

Galway Bay is a large bay on the west coast of Ireland, between County Galway in the province of Connacht to the north and the Burren in County Clare in the province of Munster to the south.

It is about 50 kilometres long and from 10 kilometres to 30 kilometres in breadth.

There are a number of toxins that require careful control so early detection of what toxins are causing the problem is critical.  Increasing the capability and accuracy of the early warning detection system for toxins is an essential part in the mitigation of the impacts of these events. The goal to the use case is to demonstrate the MariaBox platform sensing, data dissemination and alerting capabilities to a real world aquaculture environment and assess its role as an early warning in situ detector of potentially harmful toxins.

The primary users will be fish and mussel farmers, as well as the local environmental authorities and state agencies.