Fifth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMEPE)

Mykonos, Greece, 14-18 June 2015.

Session on "Cyanotoxins, biosensors and smart monitoring systems" 


Granada, Spain, 22-27 February 2015

Workshop on 26th February

During ASLO conference was held a Workshop with the 9 FP7-OCEAN Projects on Marine-environment monitoring.

MARIABOX 12M meeting

MariaBox 12M meeting was hosted in Athens, Greece, on 17th February 2015.

IOCCP Summer Course

The IOCCP is organizing a 10-day international Summer Course on best practices for selected biogeochemical sensors (oxygen, pH, pCO2, nitrate). The course will be held at the Sven Lovén Center for Marine Sciences in Kristineberg, Sweden, June 22-July 1, 2015. The goal of the course is to further develop proficiency in the use of a suite of biogeochemical sensors and to improve the quality of the data currently generated by autonomous biogeochemical sensors.

The application deadline is on 20th january 2015

The 2nd International Ocean Research Conference (IORC)

Barcelona (Spain) 17- 21 november 2014

During IORC conference the MariaBox Consortium organized the following workshop:

“European Marine Policy and its implementation through Projects for Marine monitoring for Blue Growth”

  1. -Download the Workshop Agenda

- Downloiad the outcomes of the workshop

  1. -Download the Executive Summary


London (UK) 18-19 september 2014

Presentation of Mariabox during the event

MARIABOX 6M meeting

MariaBox 6M meeting was hosted in Salerno, Italy, on 17th and 18th September 2014.

MARIABOX 1st technical meeting

MariaBox 1st technical meeting was hosted on the 9th July 2014 at the DCU campus in Dublin, Ireland.

MARIABOX kick-off meeting

MariaBox kick-off was held in Limassol, Cyprus, on 6th and 7th March 2014.

MARIne environmental in situ Assessment and monitoring tool BOX

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